~ Rolex Submariner 3 Dot S/S Repaired Crown + Tube ~ >>> Free Ship From Canada <<< Solid Crown with the High Quality Rolex Submariner 3 Dot S/S Replacement Crown + Tube Tube sizes Overall length: 4.4mm Thread case: 3.0mm Thread crown: 4.4mm Crown sizes Diameter: 7.0mm Depth: 4.4mm Overall Length: 9.0mm Condition: Overall in very good NEW condition, No Scratches ~ Confirm this is a New Replacement Rolex 3 Dot Submariner S/S Crown + Tube ~ Shippig: Free Shipping by Regular AirMail & No Tracking *** Please TAKE Note *** Please excuse us, as lost many watches to Italy, we feel sori, NO Italy Trade please !!! Happy Day & Thanks !

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